What We Learned on the Way to Launching New Churches

A Panel Discussion featuring Tom Elenbaas, Steve Poe, and Mark Jobe

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Growing from one church site to many
takes vision, strategy, and the ability
to execute on the plan.

Running a healthy multisite church requires a range of pastoral and organizational skills. In this video, Marian Liautaud, Aspen Group's Director of Marketing, interviews three innovative pastors about the challenges they face as leaders of complex, thriving multisite churches. 

This Q&A-format interview features:

  • Tom Elenbaas, Senior Pastor of Harbor Churches in Michigan
  • Steve Poe, Lead Pastor of Northview Church in Indiana
  • Mark Jobe, Lead Pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago

In this video, you'll learn how they applied visionary leadership to expand their church’s footprint within their geographic areas, and the one skill every pastor must develop if they wish to grow. Topics covered in this Q&A panel interview include:

  • Knowing how and when to delegate
  • Learning how to release responsibilities and raise other leaders
  • Looking to other pastors and leaders who have done what you have done

With candor and transparency, each pastor shares some of the challenges they're facing in their current season of multisite ministry growth, including:

  • The young, urban, multicultural church is here and coming. How does the church stay relevant?
  • The culture is shifting much faster than the church is; how do we keep up?
  • What is the fastest and best way to reach the unchurched world?
  • How do we continue to reproduce our locations and be movement-making churches?