God and The Millennial Problem

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Millennials (those born approximately between 1984 and 1998) are leaving the church in droves—and staying away. One-third of American Millennials now claim “no religion.” The majority of those raised in the church leave in their 20s and want nothing to do with organized religion.

Multiple causes and cures for the exodus have been suggested. Some say the church just needs a facelift. Drop stodgy traditions. Hire pastors with skinny jeans and fauxhawks. Others demand more substantive change. They claim the church must soften its position on key doctrines and social positions.

In this talk, Drew Dyck, author of Yawning at Tigers: You Can't Tame God, So Stop Trying, proposes a different approach, one that rejects both trendiness and compromise.

This presentation, originally given at an Aspen Pastors Lunch, looks at:

  • Why Millennials are making a mass exodus from the church
  • Why this generation's dropoff rate is unlike any previous one the church has ever seen
  • How to engage with this unique demographic

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