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“How do I find meaning in the Sacred and connect it to my life?”


Ever think something may not be quite right with the church in America today? Ever question the way you’re doing church? Ever feel discontented with where it stands or where it seems to be going?

In their new eBook—Unleashed! Finding Epic Adventure in Everyday Life—Aspen Group CEO, Ed Bahler and Cogun Chief Catalyst, Bill Couchenour call this feeling a splinter in the mind. It’s that “gnawing sense that God wants to do something more, something different, something amazing.”

The two good friends—who have spent their careers designing and building churches—tackle this growing uneasiness in the church in America. They reach out to “splintered” believers who want to experience more in their walk of faith and expose some barriers that may be standing in the way of the joy that comes from a life of purpose.

Unleashed offers hope. It examines the structures, models, and paradigms in the church and offers church leaders ways to unleash the untapped power within their congregation.