Telling Your Church's Unique Story

Featuring Kevin Miller, VP of Resource Development at Christianity Today

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Every space tells a story. Does your church building tell the right one?

When Kevin Miller's former church placed the winning bid for an abandoned plastics factory that had gone to auction, the church had to decide how to transform an industrial steel and glass structure into church space that would resonate with their Anglican congregation. In this video series, Miller shares the lessons he learned as he led his church through a major adaptive reuse building project. He covers the process his church underwent in determining what their church's story is and how they could use this new space to convey their mission, vision, and values authentically.

About Kevin Miller:
A seasoned writer, preacher, and pastor, Miller presents a combination of concepts and visuals to help church leaders consider the story their church space may be telling. Is your church's physical space consistent with who you are as a church? Are you maximizing the space you have to fully communicate what matters most to you as a church?

This video series was captured at Aspen's 2015 Alignment Conference. Kevin Miller serves as Vice President at Christianity Today, and as Rector of Church of the Savior in Wheaton, Illinois.


  • How to interpret stories being told with architecture

  • Key elements to consider to discover your church's unique story

  • How to communicate your church's story throughout your church building