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What You Need to Know About Millennials at Your Church

An Executive Summary with Discussion Questions for Church Leadership Teams

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Millennials, the generation that has come of age in this new millennium, are deeply shaped by the cultural changes brought on by booming technology and rapid globalization, along with other key forces. Stereotypes and pop wisdom about their habits and foibles abound, but one thing is certain—their importance as a bridge generation during a remarkable time in history is tough to overstate.

Every industry and institution has had to reckon with how to engage this population of emerging adults effectively. And churches are no exception. 

In this executive summary, you'll learn about:  

  • What cultural shifts are impacting Millennials, and the effect of these changes on the church.
  • How the church must be both a sending place and a sanctuary, and how to design a church that meets both needs.
  • What it means to be living in "digital Babylon," and how the church is changing because of this.
  • Plus, more trends that are affecting Millennials and the church today.