Story is Everything, And Everything is Story

Featuring Ed Bahler, CEO at Aspen Group

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Stories Engage and Shape the Heart

Think about the last time you stayed awake until 3 a.m. watching just one more episode on Netflix, or reading that book you couldn't put down. What was it about that show or that book that caused you to postpone sleep to discover how the plot developed? As humans, we respond to story. Story draws us in and puts us in the midst of the action. The character's battles become our battles. 

In his opening keynote at the 2015 Alignment Conference, Ed Bahler, CEO of Aspen Group, explores how the church can use story to engage and transform the hearts of those who are seeking a more meaningful life.


  • Discerning the stories that matters from ones that don't

  • Utilizing story to engage the heart

  • Learn how stories change your worldview