Say What? Church Communications is All About Context

Featuring Evan McBroom, founder of Fishhook

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Every church has something to say,
but is your church saying what it
means to say?

That's not a riddle, but rather a challenge. Never before has there been such an opportunity for a church to communicate beyond its building, but with opportunity comes risk. Get messaging, delivery, and context right, and you can warm hearts and develop relationship before people grace your doorway. Get it wrong, and your investments in facilities and programming won't have a chance to engage new people. Where do churches miss it? Context.

In this video, Evan McBroom, founder and partner of Fishhook, helps church leaders consider how they discover the context for powerful and effective communications. He'll share proven ways to:

  • Discover the culture of your local community 
  • Speak the same language of the people you're trying to reach
  • Communicate in ways that are specific to your context