More Than Multisite

Inside Today's Methods and Models for Launching New Congregations

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Where will you launch your next congregation? 

Church leaders who contemplate expanding their congregation beyond a single campus - whether that be through church planting or multisite churches - face a variety of daunting questions:

  • What kind of building or location will best serve the community we want to reach?
  • Should we launch in a temporary facility or invest in permanent space?
  • How do we create a cohesive look and feel from one congregation to another, especially if we're in temporary space?

In More Than Multisite, a CKN/Barna research report co-sponsored by Aspen Group, we surveyed 200 senior pastors and executive pastors to glean best practices and collective wisdom on launching new congregations. Download the chapter on facilities now to discover data to help you make better decisions about where to launch your next congregation.