Restart: Bringing New Life to an Old Church

Featuring Mark Jobe, Founder and Lead Pastor of New Life Community Church

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In this video resource, Mark Jobe, founder and Lead Pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago, Illinois, shares practical tips on how to merge an old church with a new one. Out of New Life's 24 locations, 13 are "Restarts" of historic congregations in pre-existing buildings. Pastors and church leaders will gain inspiration and insights into how to redeem sacred spaces in a way that's glorifying to God rather than an aggressive acquisition to gain church property. You'll learn how to:

  • Leverage the legacy of the closing church while merging it with the new church
  • Build a new "brand" for the merged church that honors the power of the former church while bringing it into the new
  • Preserve sacred space to maintain the presence of the church within the community