More Than Multisite

Inside Today's Methods and Models for Launching New Congregations

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Thank you for attending Aspen's 2016 Alignment Conference.

As promised, we're making copies of the new CKN/Barna report, More Than Multisite, available to all attendees. Fill out one of the forms on this page to simply download or download and request a print copy of the full report!

Today’s multisite church includes hybrid variations of the traditional one-church-in-multiple-locations model. Often, church planting is incorporated as part of a comprehensive growth strategy. These new approaches call for new skill sets and structures to support rapid growth and change.

In More Than Multisite, an Aspen-sponsored CKN/Barna report, you'll discover data based on the experiences of 200 senior pastors and executive leaders. They share input on some of the most daunting questions related to launching a new church site: 

  • What kind of building or location will best serve the community we’d like to reach?
  • How will resources be shared or distributed?
  • Who should be on the launch team?
  • Can the church maintain unity and stay on message across congregations?
  • Which model makes the most sense for our context—and will it work?

In the More Than Multisite research, you'll receive trustworthy data so you can make better decisions as you expand your church.