Making Space for Faith Formation

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Making Space for Faith Formation-new-coverWe believe that architectural design affects behavior. Behaviors become habits. Habits form us.

People instinctively move and operate in a space based on what the design is guiding them to do. As churches, schools, colleges, and universities grapple with how to meet the needs of a new generation of students, they often overlook the part their physical buildings are playing in influencing students’ formation—their responses, behaviors, and habits.

Making disciples is the highest goal for Christian schools and churches. This guide delves into the cultural forces that are complicating the discipleship journey and how to use your built space to help address them using these crucial components of design:

    • Modularity: How does your facility naturally guide people to have moments of quiet reflection, connect with others, and experience their faith?
    • Nature: Does your church or school incorporate glass, greenery, or open-air spaces where individuals can connect with God through nature?
    • Visual Clarity: Does your space tell people who you are and help them feel at ease and maneuver confidently?
    • Respite: Does your facility offer spaces to rest and reflect, and recover from stress and anxiety?