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Key Questions to Prepare for a New Season of Ministry

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Key Questions to Prepare for a New Season of Ministry

Throughout this COVID-19 crisis, church never stopped. You adapted. You learned new ways. And soon, you’ll get to return to your physical space. We want you to be ready.  

In "Relaunch Church: Key Questions to Prepare for a New Season of Ministry,” we provide a framework you can use to reflect on what you’re learning during the COVID-19 crisis, and how you’ll prepare to return to your church building once the pandemic has subsided. It’s a chance to reimagine your church through the lenses of culture, leadership, ministry, and facilities. When churches are in alignment in these four areas, they’re able to operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

In this PDF resource, you'll be guided through a series of questions for you and your leadership team, including:

What parts of the local community have you overlooked (or had a blind spot to) that the COVID crisis has helped you see? How will you serve these people?

In light of current events, what now are the three major metrics you should be tracking?

What new ways of doing ministry that you adopted during the pandemic carry over into the future of your church?

• In what ways has COVID-19 caused you to reconsider how you use your facilities? Can they be used for greater ministry impact?

• And more!