Church Design to Reach People Today and in the Future

Featuring Derek DeGroot, Director of Design and Integrated Services at Aspen Group

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Is the Church You're In Today Built to Reach People in the Future?

In this video, Aspen Director of Design Derek DeGroot discusses trends in design that can inform how churches make space for people to grow in their faith both now and in the future. Leaning on the Aspen-commissioned Barna research, Making Space for Millennials, DeGroot talks about spaces that Millennials crave. Whether it's a quiet space to interact with God, a 50-minute space to catch up with a friend, or a long pathway through nature, DeGroot shares ideas and examples of spaces that draw people deeper into their faith.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about spaces that are restful, engaging, and effective, and why people will be drawn to facilities that feature these spaces.

  • See examples of respite and connecting spaces, and learn why and how they work.

  • Learn how you can inexpensively and efficiently start creating spaces within your church facility to reach more people now and in the future.