Designing Churches with Millennials in Mind

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Designing Churches with Millennials in Mind

with Clint Jenkin & Derek DeGroot

More young adults than ever before are either completely unaffiliated with the church or no longer follow the faith in which they grew up. In this engaging video, Clint Jenkin, former vice president of research for Barna Group, and Aspen lead architect Derek DeGroot share some initial findings and practical solutions for making room for Millennials in the church. Their presentation is based on data from the Aspen-sponsored research project by the Barna Group and the Cornerstone Knowledge Network (CKN).

This presentation, originally given at an Aspen Pastors Lunch, looks at:

  • Barna's research findings that provide insight into Millennials—their lives, their needs, and the challenges they face
  • How physical space provides room for Millennials to connect with God and others
  • Practical solutions churches can consider for making space that resonates with Millennials

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