Church Mergers

Featuring Jim Tomberlin, founder and senior consultant of MultiSite Solutions

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Many pastors and church leaders have embraced church mergers as part of their growth strategy and a positive, unintended consequence of the multisite movement. 

In this video resource, Jim Tomberlin, founder and senior consultant of MultiSite Solutions, clarifies what church mergers are and how they can be used for the good of the Kingdom. You'll learn about the four waves of the multisite movement, culminating in mergers:

  • A need to acquire space
  • A strategy to grow churches
  • A revitalization strategy for stable but stuck churches
  • A rebirth for struggling churches

You'll also discover the four questions you should ask if you're considering a church merger:

  • Should my church merge?
  • Could we accomplish more together than we could separately?
  • Would our community be better served by us working together?
  • Could the Kingdom of God be further extended by us joining together?