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Choosing a Church Building Partner

A Better Way to Select a Design / Build / Furnish Team for Your Unique Ministry

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Choosing a Church Building Partner Is a Daunting Task ... Unless You Know the Right Questions to Ask

Your church has decided it’s ready to renovate or build a new facility. Next, you’ll need to determine who you’ll hire as your building partner. Many church bylaws and rules of governance dictate a due diligence process that includes soliciting multiple firms with a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) as a primary means for comparing building partners. But this method falls woefully short in helping you evaluate who to hire for your church building project.

In this free downloadable resource, we'll help you discover a better way to select the best building partner for your church project. We'll share questions you should ask to dig deeper--beyond cost per square foot and other typical RFQ/RFP questions--to ensure you yolk yourself to a firm that shares your desire to create space for ministry impact.


  • Learn key questions to ask when deciding on a church building partner that typical RFQ/RFPs fail to uncover.

  • Understand the partner chemistry that needs to exist between the design-build team and church leadership.

  • Learn how to uncover the level of trust you can expect with your design-build partner.

  • Discover why relationship matters more than cost when it comes to selecting building project partners for your church.